Volunteers form the backbone of Westcoast Community Centre, providing tuition, resources and assistance to make courses accessible and affordable to the broader community. If you have time or expertise to share, please contact WCC on 9286-8676 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The following presenters are thanked for their contribution to the Term 3 programme: David Alder, Steven Tulloch, Dr Gail Alvares, Sabrina Hahn, Peter Strachan, Phil Reynolds, Patricia Moncrieff, Professor Samina Yasmeen, Dr Julian Bolleter, Craig Carter, Chef Itsara, Rayden James, Pat Stroud, Valerie Melrose, Rosemary Longhurst, Rick Hearder, Rita Pasqualini, Laura Cole, Tom Bateman, and John Parker (Woodloes Homestead), as well as the guides from the WA Shipwrecks Museum and Woodbridge House.

We appreciate the ongoing support from the Boatshed Market, Mosman Park Bakers Delight, Linkwest and the Councils/Shires of Cottesloe, Mosman Park and Peppermint Grove

A sincere thank you to the staff of the Grove Library for their willingness to assist WCC in so many ways, with special mention of  Lee-anne Low, Geoff Searle and Lance Hopkinson.

We especially say thank you to the planners who have presented the programme in Term Three and prepared the programme for Term Four - Anita Norris, Christine Palmer, Connie Chapman, Craig Carter, Dianne Dixon, Dianne Martin, George Sulcs, Helen Wade, Jean Harvey, Jeni Owens, Judith Rossi, Julie Cutler, Marg Heyns, Mary Maye, Robert Jones, Ros Curbishley, Sally Hincks, Sandra Henry, Sandra Woodmore, Suzanne Cobb, Wendy Hogan and Wendy Scanlon.

WCC is a volunteer organisation. The number of WCC members who are prepared to act as volunteers at activities and behind the scenes is growing. Our sincere appreciation to you all.

Honouring our WCC history

Honouring our Past Treasurers WCC