Why 'An Apple for the Teacher'?

The Westcoast Community Centre logo - a stylised apple - was designed by Carole Crommelin, one of our founder members, when WCC first opened in 1993. Appearing on all WCC stationery, information, banners, and newsletters, an apple is part of the WCC image and is presented to teachers.

The apple - both the logo and the gift - are unique identifying features of WCC and have provided continuity across the 20 years of operation. It serves to ground the Centre activities in volunteer involvement, where thanks are symbolic rather than 'actual', and it has become a tradition of the Centre that all teachers receive an apple.

Speakers, demonstrators and chefs accept the apple in the spirit in which it is intended. The apple is usually accompanied by a free class voucher (for volunteers).

Mr Michael Pember, of Boatshed Fresh Food, donates the apples on an ongoing basis. WCC is very grateful for his continued community support.