It was with the greatest sadness that the Westcoast Community Centre said goodbye to Wendy Scanlon at a memorial service on Thursday 25 January.



Welcome back to another year at Westcoast. I hope that you all had a wonderful break and are rested and ready for the term ahead!

The planning team has spiced up the programme for this term with new ideas, so please watch out for them as you read the newsletter.
- Can’t get to Book Club on Monday afternoon? We are running a Thursday Evening Book Club this term for you.
- Ever wanted to try out different media and techniques of painting? Artist Laura Cole invites us into her studio to learn about, and experiment with them.
- Jetty fishing anyone?
- And I suggest that you book early if you would like to attend the Paella evening at the Grove!

Many thanks to the planners who give their time and thought developing the programme and to the host of volunteers who contribute to running the activities.

Term 1 includes the Annual General Meeting, with a Sundowner beforehand for members to enjoy refreshments and catch up with friends before the business part of the evening. Some of the current committee members have indicated their intention to retire at the end of their current term, so we are looking for some new committee members. We especially encourage members who have recently retired from the workforce to consider nominating to join the management committee. Nomination forms will be available early in Term 1.

I hope that you will join your friends participating in Westcoast events and that you will all enjoy the programme this term and over the rest of 2018.

Connie Chapman, Chairman