Rules of Association - Update

The WCC Rules of Association (Constitution), lodged after acceptance by special resolution at the AGM on 27 March 2019, were accepted by the DMIRS (Consumer Protection) and may be downloaded here

 From the Chairman - Term 2 2019

Hello, I am Anne McCrudden and I am honoured to have been elected by Westcoast Community Centre members to be the new Chairman. I am really looking forward to the next twelve months moving around Westcoast to meet and get to know you all and learn what you are looking for from WCC.
I would like to welcome the new Management Committee on board and look forward to working with you all.

The Management Committee and WCC were so lucky to have Connie Chapman’s analytical and leadership skills available as Chairman for the past three years. These skills were evident in her comprehensive report to the Annual General Meeting on 27 March. A great deal happened in that time and I am hoping this year will not be as hectic. Jeni Owens and Nicky Macdougall were stalwarts, working behind the scene to support WCC through these complex changes.

We all think of WCC as a family and we were again reminded of this when everyone hopped in to ensure that the organisation ran smoothly during Melissa’s recent absence. Thank you to everyone who rallied around and helped out.

As we meet and talk over the next few months I hope to tell you a little more about my career, the other voluntary roles I have held and my passions and interest in the community. In the meantime, I hope you will all make the most of our terrific Term 2 programme – I think there’s something there for everyone. Please remember to let us know if you have any great programming ideas for future terms.
All the best,
Anne McCrudden, Chairman

WCC Management Committee 2019

IA warm welcome to our 2019 Management Committee, elected at our Annual General Meeting on 27 March: Anne McCrudden (Chairman), Dianne Martin (Vice Chair), Jeni Owens (Treasurer),  TBA (Secretary), Carole Crommelin (Hon Member and Patron), Anita Norris, George Sulcs and Jeannette McQueen. Melissa Frey (Administration) and Nicky Macdougall (Media) complete the team.