From the Chairman - Term 3, 2018

This is the 100th newsletter of Westcoast Community Centre, as this term rounds out 25 full years since our activities began. A lot has happened over that period – we acknowledge and thank all those who were involved in the inception of WCC and who have contributed to its growth and development into the organisation we know today. WCC commenced operation in Term 4, 1993 and we will celebrate its 25th anniversary in Term 4. Watch out for details in the 101st edition of the newsletter next term!

To keep you busy in the meantime, the planners have outdone themselves in putting together a varied programme for Term 3. With outings ranging from a visit to the home of WA Ballet to the agricultural expo of the Dowerin Field Day, a talk on wills and a visiting guide dog, from history to cutting edge research, there should be something to interest everyone in the programme this term.

Looking back at Term 2, we were pleased that WCC was able to donate $956 to Cancer Council WA after our Big Morning Tea. This was made up of a combination of the enrolment fees and contributions made by members on the day. It was a most enjoyable morning, and we are considering making the Cancer Council Big Morning Tea an annual event.

I hope you have all noticed that the home page and the programme page of the website were spruced up last term. They look very fresh and modern, with more colour and some layout changes – do go and look at them if you have not already done so.

Also fresh and modern are Westcoast’s new Rules of Association. The necessary procedural requirements for these to be adopted have now been completed and they became effective on 9 May 2018. A link to them can be found on the website. I look forward to seeing you at events during the term.

Connie Chapman, Chairman.

Rules of Association - Update

The WCC Management Committee has been advised that the WCC Rules of Association (Constitution), lodged after acceptance by special resolution at the AGM on 21 March 2018, have been accepted by the DMIRS (Consumer Protection). Great news - and congratulations to all involved for their hard work. The new Rules of Association are effective as at 9 May and may be downloaded here