From the Chairman - Term 3 2019

Over the past months I have come to appreciate what a great team of volunteers, members and staff Westcoast Community Centre (WCC) has. The diverse range of learning services we offer is available to over 500 members as well as the broader community. Every event is delivered professionally, in a friendly welcoming manner. This is the core of how WCC operates and meets the key objective of our Strategic Plan.

The major task for the Management Committee over the past few months has been renegotiating our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Shire of Peppermint Grove for the use of the community room and other facilities at the Grove Library Precinct. These negotiations should be finalised soon.

I wish to acknowledge the new members of the Management Committee: Jeanette McQueen, Norman Clough and Sally Hincks, and to thank continuing committee members for their ongoing commitment. I would also like to thank and commend the talented planners who develop the term programmes, including Melissa Frey, who does a brilliant job both as Programme Coordinator and Administrator. My appreciation goes to Nicky Macdougall, our Media Officer, for her commitment and ongoing media management.

There is a lot of untapped talent among our members and the call is now out for these talents to be put to use for the good of WCC. If you have skills, knowledge or contacts in the areas of arts, crafts, games, food, outings, or are a member of other groups, please come and share. All contributions will be greatly appreciated.

In closing, my personal story is that two years ago I was encouraged by Dianne Dixon to join WCC. Having retired I was busy doing other things, such as reading, walking and being on the Churchill Fellows Association Committee. Since joining WCC I have met the most wonderful people, participated in many learning activities, and been to more lunches and dinners than I can count. It has also allowed me to put my forty years of working life skills from the public service to good use.

With this is mind, I am looking forward to seeing you all again in Term 3.

Anne McCrudden,  Chairman.

WCC Management Committee 2019

Anne McCrudden (Chair), Jeni Owens (Treasurer), Dianne Martin (Secretary), Carole Crommelin (Hon Member and Patron), George Sulcs, Anita Norris, Jeanette McQueen, Norman Clough and Sally Hincks. Melissa Frey (Administration) and Nicky Macdougall (Media) complete the team.

Rules of Association - Update

The WCC Rules of Association (Constitution), lodged after acceptance by special resolution at the AGM on 27 March 2019, were accepted by the DMIRS (Consumer Protection) and may be downloaded here